Paige & Paxton offers in- and out-of-school solutions that train students in STEM education from an early age.

Paige & Paxton curriculum is aligned to Next Generation Science Standards and incorporates all the elements of best practices in early elementary STEM:

“Education has changed. The hands-on activities that Paige & Paxton bring to our school are exactly what the children need. If we want to make a difference in the lives of children, we have to teach them differently. That’s exactly what Paige & Paxton does.”

Dr. LaTonya Henderson , Executive Director
Cedar Tree Academy in Washington, DC

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Paige & Paxton is the only curriculum that addresses both sides of the equation: we make STEM easy to teach and   easy to learn at the very beginning of a child’s educational experience.


Paige & Paxton Elementary STEM Curriculum

Paige & Paxton necessarily has a robust, inquiry-based component that allows students to engage in open-ended exploration.

In addition to hands-on challenges and projects, Paige & Paxton curricula goes one step further: rather than just a litany of projects that create “cool” structures, explosions and  yucky experiments, Paige & Paxton provide context and real-world relevance through the lens of the student.

Students learn about STEM careers and concepts by engaging in the work of scientists and engineers. This is an innovative approach, as Paige & Paxton show even our youngest learners that they can be scientists and engineers right here and now—not in the future.  

Students leave with the understanding that STEM is an integral part of the world in which they live and more importantly that they can be a part of that world. It’s a powerful message.




Increases STEM awareness, knowledge, and interest

Provides relevant, hands on experience

Fosters STEM identity

STEM Awareness and Interest
Paige & Paxton and their Puzzleland cohorts present a diverse, inclusive view of STEM that nurtures STEM identity, helping students from all backgrounds to envision themselves in STEM. This storytelling approach provides a simple, comfortable platform for young students to connect their interest, talents and abilities directly to STEM careers and choices.

STEM Identity
Research clearly indicates that awareness and even aptitude are not enough to increase the pipeline in terms of girls and students of color. Students in these non-dominant groups require a sense of “STEM identity”—that is they “see themselves” as someone who is knowledgeable about and engages in STEM.  Paige & Paxton send a powerful message to our youngest students that they can be STEM practitioners right here and now—not in the future.

Teacher Efficacy
The fact is that the vast majority of elementary teachers don’t have a STEM degree or training in STEM instruction. This is perhaps the biggest single barrier to quality STEM instruction. Our curriculum is designed with the skills and core competencies of elementary teachers in mind. Our lessons are written in simple, everyday language and includes scientific and technical primers that enable teachers to present STEM concepts with confidence and accuracy.

In the mid 1990s, Rachel Williams wanted to ensure that her two young daughters were passionate about and proficient in science and math. To drive interest, she developed two puzzle piece characters to introduce these complicated concepts in a fun and engaging way. 

Fast forward to 2012, Rachel and her daughters—one completing a degree in Biology and the other a rising star in the financial services industry—decided to bring the characters back to life. Since that time, the trio has been on a mission to engage a new generation of little learners in STEM and, at the same time, change the course of a nation.

The Paige & Paxton Story

"I learned a year ago when I began working under Kelley and Rachel    that children are smarter than we make them out to be. I urge everyone to be a part of this up and coming rock star educational model."

Eddie Shilaita, Former Paige & Paxton Intern 
Social Media Strategist, Digital Content Strategist 
Acapella Media LLC

Paige & Paxton Gives You the Tools to Prepare Your  Elementary Students for the Future

STEM Career Sets for
Elementary Classrooms
Start the conversation about STEM careers early

Paige & Paxton STEM   Career Sets present a colorful and exciting platform to provide early opportunities for elementary students to learn about STEM careers in a way that is not intimidating.

Elementary STEM Curriculum for
After School Programs
Devote your after school time to high-quality STEM instruction

Paige & Paxton After School STEM Curriculum enables schools to integrate robust, inquiry-based STEM coursework into their elementary curriculum in an after school setting.

Elementary STEM Curriculum for
Summer Programs
 Bring intellectual rigor to summer programming

A summer with Paige & Paxton means your youngest students will benefit from the rewards of inquiry, problem-solving and critical thinking in a way that’s fun and meaningful.

At Paige & Paxton, we’re on a mission to change the trajectory of an entire generation by making STEM easy to teach and easy to learn at the beginning of a child’s educational experience.

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Paige   & Paxton STEM Make-a-thons
Ignite a Spark in Your Community

Paige & Paxton STEM Make-a-thons are the ideal way to infuse STEM into communities, by generating excitement and raising awareness about the importance of elementary STEM education. Parent engagement is built into the event as well as strategic community outreach to media, elected officials, business leaders and other key stakeholders.

ECE STEM  Instructional Curriculum
Give your ECE students 21st-century
workforce skills

Developed specifically for ECE programs where students work on-site in a pre-school setting, Paige & Paxton ECE STEM Curriculum offers students exposure to the best practices in creating and leading STEM lessons for young children.

STEM   Professional   Development for   Elementary   Teachers
Give your elementary teachers the experience and skills in effective STEM instruction

Paige & Paxton professional development fills this critical gap in continuing education for elementary teachers, by providing training in Pre-K through 5th grade STEM instruction.

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